Manual Plug-in Cables

Features a manual plug-in connection. The heat cable is switched manually. This method requires supervision to work effectively.

Dual user attachable configuration for OEM connection of cable. Units are dual voltage rated. Operation and trip times equal or exceed that of the GFCI’s.

DS-223 Specifications


120V/20A and 240V/20A


12 - 18 AWG. (SJT)

Trip Level

30 mA

Voltage Surge Withstand

3kv ringwave test and 4kv/2kA surge immunity test


50 / 60 Hz


5000 operations minimum

Overload Current

Six times rated current

Operating Temperature Range

10°C to 60°C

Insulation Voltage

1500 VRMS - 1 Min.

Power On Indication

Lighted indicator

Ordering Information

10 Foot Pig-Tail Power Cord w/Molded Plug
Product code: EPT-10

20 AMP 30mA GFCI Plug Kit
120VAC code: EGFI-120
240VAC code: EGFI-240


  • Automatic Activation means Lower Deicing Costs

  • Reliable Rain And Snow Detection

  • Full 30A @ 240VAC Control

  • Field Strap for 100-120/200-240 VAC Operation

  • Replaceable Remote Precipitation Sensor

  • Easy Installation, Full Access to Electronics

  • Safe Low Voltage Sensor Head

  • Adjustable Temperature Trigger Point

  • Adjustable Delay Off Cycle

  • Bright Off/On/Triggered LED Status Indicator

  • Smart “Manual On” Operates for One Delay Cycle