Clips, Caulk, Screws & Plugs

Roof Clip for Heat Trace Cables (10 Per Bag)

The RCK-1 Roof Cable Clip is used to attach heating Cable to most types of roof surfaces. This kit contains 5 double clips, which is enough for approximately seven linear feet of roof edge.

Product code: ERC

Tam-Pro Premium SBS Flashing Cement (All Weather Roofing Adhesive)

A heavy-bodied SBS polymer-modified trowel-grade wet/dry formula asphaltic cement. Combining select refined asphalt, prime solvents, wet-surface additives, SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) rubberized polymers and extra-strength interlocking fibers, this material is precisely blended into a smooth thixotropic high-performance material.

Sonolastic NP 1 Polyurethane Joint Sealant

Sonolastic NP 1 is a versatile moisture-curing high performance polyurethane sealant with permanent elasticity. It is recommended for active, vertical interior, exterior joints, including expansion wall joints, curtain walls, panel walls, precast walls, window frames, structural components, dams, spillways and stormwater drains.

1/4″ 6.35mm Black Oxide Drill Bit

Black oxide drill bits are designed for general-purpose, heavy duty drilling through carbon and alloy steels, aluminum, soft cast iron, wood, wood composites, and plastics. Product features include: high quality black oxide finish, high speed steel construction, and all drill bits are fully ground for superior quality.