Which Product Is Right For you?

All of our products are guaranteed effective and provide top of the line safety. Thanks to our industry-leading deicing systems, icicles, ice dams, leaks, and shingle shifting will be eliminated and your roof will remain damage- free through the harsh blizzard season. Best of all, your family’s or customers’ well-being will be safeguarded and you will enjoy greater peace of mind.

For best overall protection we offer our:
  • Snow accumulates on your rooftop as the result of one or more winter storms

  • The snow begins to melt due to both solar heat from above and home heat loss from beneath

  • Melted snow trickles down to the surface of the roof where it settles along colder valleys, overhangs, and gutter lines

  • When temperatures dip below freezing again, this snow melt refreezes, forming dams of ice.

Ice Dam Elimination – If left unchecked, ice dams and their accompanying icicles can cause all sorts of problems in varying levels of severity:

  • Water pools accumulate behind ice dams: this may cause water leakage into the home itself, resulting in stained sheetrock, warped hardwood floors, mold, ruined personal belongings, and many other different kinds of interior home damage

  • Massive, heavy sheets of ice on the roof contract and expand, resulting in costly damage to the roof itself as well as the gutters

  • Icicles grow as more refreezing occurs, endangering the safety of family members and neighbors

The only way to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones is to prevent and/or eliminate ice dams altogether. Climbing on the roof to shovel after a storm and climbing a ladder to knock ice dams and icicles off are not only extremely unsafe methods of ice dam control: they also don’t fix the problem. The best answer is to find a permanent solution that will eradicate ice dam formation once and for all.

Five Common Myths

IceFree Eave Panels

This is our most popular workhorse product, providing complete protection for standard size eaves less than 24″ length. It is used on residences or commercial buildings in areas that do not have over extensions or long soffits such as porches, patios, or carports. Valley panels are added in places where two roofs meet together at an angle creating an indentation.


IceFree Zone Panels:

This is a great overall protection system for commercial buildings whose eaves and soffits measure longer than 24″. It is also used to complement our IceFree Eave Panels in areas where porches, patios, or carports need extra protection. All of our different products seamlessly work in conjunction with one another, and we will help you design the perfect customized combination of products that is just right for your particular needs.


IceFree-LeafFree Gutter Shield:

Engineered Roof Deicing, the leader in Innovative Roof Deicing Systems, is excited to introduce IceFree-LeafFree Gutter Shield—The next generation in gutter protection! This incredible new heated gutter shield offers the highest levels of protection for your home, year round. Before now, consumers have had to choose between either dealing with debris clogging their rain gutters, or massive ice buildup as a result of using bulky helmet systems.


Standard heat cables:

Our high quality heat cables are placed directly in gutters and downspouts to prevent freezing in these critical areas.


For more detailed information about which Engineered Roof Deicing deicing product(s) is right for you, check out our comprehensive visual diagram below or contact a Engineered Roof Deicing professional.