Every winter, newscasters report on the extensive property damage caused by ice dams: Engineered Roof Deicing de-icing products will keep you from becoming a statistic and safeguard your investment.

Engineered Roof Deicing heated roof panel systems provide total protection for your home or business from the hazards of ice dams and icicles. Period. Our products help to prevent possible dangers and offer security by keeping the roof overhang and gutter areas completely free of ice and snow. The threats caused by ice dams are very real!

Potential threats to your home or business:
  • Pooled water trapped behind ice dams can seep under shingles and leak through to your home’s interior

  • Leakage may result in cosmetic damage to a home such as stained walls, warped hardwood floors, damaged personal belongings, and much more.

  • Mold problems: Mold and mildew growth often follows water leaks due to ice damage. Mold is hazardous to people’s health: causing or aggravating breathing problems, and may even cause death.

  • Bent and broken gutter systems, disfigured stucco, and severely damaged roofs are all consequences of ice dams.

How we can help:

A home, office, or commercial business represents a significant investment and water or structural damage can considerably reduce the value of your properties. By protecting your roof from ice and snow with Engineered Roof Deicing’ heated roof systems you are taking a pro-active step toward securing your assets. The effectiveness of our heated panel technologies is heads and shoulders above that of antiquated zig-zag heat cables.

Our innovative systems are the best defense against winter weather.
  • Our products not only protect your investments but will also add to the value of your home or office. Our heated panel system technologies prolong the life of your roof and provide you with peace of mind, knowing your property is being protected from the ravages of winter.

  • Don’t let ice dams and thick snow destroy your real estate. Prevention is the key to protecting your investment!